SnowGlobe Music Festival | Three days of booty-shaking vibes

By Priya Hutner | Photos courtesy SnowGlobe · 

The 6th annual SnowGlobe Festival is a massive outdoor festival where multi-colored laser lights illuminate falling snowflakes, music pulses in the air and thousands of people dance in furs, costumes and ski clothes for one of Tahoe’s largest electronic/hip-hop festivals.

Dec. 29-31 | Lake Tahoe Community College | South Lake Tahoe

Chad Donnelly, founder of the festival, says that he’s excited about the upcoming three-day event and some of the new features the event offers.

“The site moved next door, which enables us to offer number of different things this year. The main stage is twice a big and we have more indoor heated space,” he explains. With two large tents, one that serves as the Igloo – the indoor music venue – and the other serves as the indoor dining hall and food scene, the festival has more space for inclement weather and more space for people to have fun.

“SnowGlobe is one of the largest New Year’s Eve
events in the country outside of the New York City’s
Times Square event.”     -Chad Donnelly

With an average of 60,000 people attending the event Donnelly explains, “SnowGlobe is one of the largest New Year’s Eve events in the country outside of the New York City’s Times Square event.”

The all-ages’ festival draws people from more than 50 countries to experience an eclectic lineup of talented artists. Culling artists is a six-month process for Donnelly and his team, who draw talent from around the world.

“We work to curate a lineup that not only includes electronic music but hip-hop, as well. We search for up and coming hip-hop artists,” says Donnelly, noting that they reach out to more than 500 artists.

This year’s lineup is massive with headliners like Major Lazer, Chainsmoker and Odesza from the U.S., and Australian artists Flume and the wildly popular, Indie-electronic crossover, Rufus Du performing.

American rapper, singer, songwriter and hip-hop artists D.R.A.M from Hampton, Va., will make an appearance at SnowGlobe. An overnight sensation with his breakout hit, “Broccoli,” featuring Lil Yachty. D.R.A.M. was recently nominated for a Grammy.

“Last year he was working in a Best Buy and has found success in a massive way. He has an incredible voice,” explains Donnelly.

Genuine Joyzu
First time performers at SnowGlobe, Joyzu, have attended the festival before and now find themselves on the stage. The electronic duo comprised of Quinton Pope and Carson Willms have been best friends since grade school and started playing music as a hobby.

Inspired by artists like Deadmaus and Zed’s Dead, the duo’s love for electronic music has propelled them to play things that bring joy to the audience.

“The name Joyzu was random. We wanted to bring joy to the industry and the zoo, we noticed how chaotic the industry can be,” explains Pope.

“We’re locals from Sacramento who created a scene in Sac playing house parties for 10 people and now we’re playing one of the biggest festivals on the West Coast,” says Willms. “All of our Sacramento area fans are coming out to see their hometown boy.”

Pope says that he looks forward to seeing some of the artists like Slim, Chainsmokers and Odesza, and is excited by the diversity of the music being offered at SnowGlobe.

“Everyone who comes out to see us is in for a treat. We’re planning an energetic, genuine and happy set with our hometown crowd from Tahoe and Sac,” Willms says.

Their newest single “The Bearded Man” is due out Jan. 5. If their remix “Like a Melody” with Olivia Reid is an indication of what Joyzu is bringing to SnowGlobe then hang on to your hats and getting ready to shake it.

Big Wild

Rhythmic sounds of Big Wild
Big Wild’s return to SnowGlobe is highly anticipated. Producing for the last 13 years, Big Wild, aka Jackson, has been touring for the last two years and now finds himself one of the artists closing out the SnowGlobe Festival. Inspired by hip-hop and rap, Jackson originally began layering rap vocals over the electronic music, producing the backbone of the rhythmic sound he produces.

“That structure of that music clicked with me,” says Jackson. “I love to explore different styles of musical influence and the challenge of how different styles connect together,” he adds.

Big Wild is one of the unique acts at SnowGlobe that performs both original and live music. “I am not just deejaying,” explains Jackson, who plays keyboards, drums, the Cajón and whistles during his sets. The Cajón is a percussion wooden box instrument from South America and quite unique to the electronic music scene.

“Layering and playing my own music, I feel I can better connect and engage with the crowd and find balance with live music. I feel a much deeper connection when I play live. I try to push the conventional boundaries of music,” Jackson adds.

Big Wild will be hitting Tahoe to perform not only his new music but also many of remixes and originals that have put him on the electronic tour map. After the festival, Jackson says that he looks forward to chilling out in Tahoe and hanging out by the Lake for some well-deserved rest.

SnowGlobe boasts more than 50 artists performing during the festival. Put on your fur and get ready for three days of booty shaking vibes. |

Get pumped with the sounds of SnowGlobe
Joyzu’s “Hear You Say”
Big Wild’s “Generationwhy”