In this Issue

Tahoe’s butterfly invasion

The Tahoe Sierra has seen tens of thousands of butterflies swarming the region. They are on the trails, in the meadows, and I’ve even...

Out & About

Soaring above Tahoe’s peaks on a hot air balloon

It’s 5 a.m. at the Tahoe Keys Marina and birds are chirping along Lake Tahoe’s waters. In the receding darkness, a small colorful, hot...

Arts & Culture

Playing with Fire | The ancient art of blacksmithing

Before I located the blacksmith shop at the Pope Estate, the smell of burning coal and red-hot steel, lead the way. Forge smoke curled...

Music Scene

Chile Verde | Tahoma’s Spicy Jam Band

As the members of West Shore psychedelic prog rock trio Chile Verde hauled gear into Olympic Village for a show at the Broken Arrow...

Skate the Love

The Sextones

Local Flavor

Cool Summer Cocktails

It’s summer, the perfect time to cool down, kick back and chill out in the Tahoe sunshine and nothing quenches the thirst like a...

Shepherd’s Pie

Reno Pirate Pub Crawl

Harvest to Order launches

Explore Tahoe

Lake Tahoe Water Wars, Part III

Known worldwide for its stunning beauty, Lake Tahoe has also been coveted for its clean, precious water. For decades California-based entrepreneurs had gazed longingly...