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Eagle Lake a Tahoe classic

It’s been quite a while since we’ve made written a story on the Eagle Lake hike on Lake Tahoe’s West Shore. It boasts awe-inspiring...

Out & About

Kings Beach trail named

Close to 600 votes were submitted for the three trail names that were selected as finalists to name the new flow trail in Kings...

Arts & Culture

Judi Sewing

Judi Morales | Tahoe’s Steampunk Seamstress

“It’s not a fashion statement,” says steampunk fashion designer Judi Morales. “It’s for real.” Steampunk combines historical elements with anachronistic technology inspired by science fiction...

Music Scene

Jake Shimabukuro’s Humble Virtuosity

Today’s most popular travel instrument is based on a small, four-stringed, machete guitar brought to the Hawaiian Islands by late 19th Century traders from...

Local Flavor

Lawn to Table | Edible Flowers of the Sierra Nevada

On a social media network in early May, I, a Tahoe resident was looking for recommendations on how to keep dandelions from overtaking my...

Wedding Wines

Huevos Rancheros

Ice Cream in the Park

Explore Tahoe

Boca Townsite | Interpretive Trail Beer, Ice and Lumber

Deep in the heart of Truckee River Canyon east of Truckee, the pioneer town of Boca flourished for more than 60 years. It may...