35.4 F
Tahoe City, CA
Thursday, April 19, 2018

Sledding & Ice Skating

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Sledding & Ice Skating

The kids are done skiing. Now what?

Tahoe is a skier’s paradise, and most adults are in his or her happy place doing endless laps up and down the mountain slopes...

Nordic Ski Guide 2017-18

Lake Tahoe’s downhill resorts get the big press, but local cross-country ski areas are first class, as well. In fact, the cross-country ski venues...

Gliding on ice

While Lake Tahoe in the winter is best known for downhill and cross-country skiing, it’s also a great place to don the skates and...

Sleigh bells ring at Sand Harbor

While the beauty of a snowy winter at Tahoe is hard to beat, sometimes we all need to beat a path away from the...

Walking on water: Ice skating in Tahoe

  A fire crackles in the pit next to the couches as my friend, Dani Eggli, and I lace up our skates and zip up...