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Tony Berendsen

Tony Berendsen
Tony is an Astronomer, Star Guide, Poet, past President of the Northern Nevada Science Coalition, and the Astronomical Society of Nevada. He has been passionate about astronomy since the gift of a telescope when he was 8 years old, which began his journey to become an Outreach Astronomer. Recently, Tony has focused on creating Poastromy (Astro-Poetry) to excite the imaginations of his guests during his astronomy presentations at the Dark Skies Cosmoarium at Northstar, and writing stories about space in his bimonthly column The Star Guide to help his readers understand their view of the Cosmos.

Planets of Gas and Ice

Billions of years ago in an outer region of a solar nebula, the one we now call the solar system, gravity formed two large...

Explore the Milky Way

The Milky Way in August as seen from the northern shores of Lake Tahoe is spectacular to behold on a moonless evening. Breaching as...

Balloons to live stream eclipse

On Aug. 21, millions of people along a 70-mile wide path of totality in the United States stretching from coast to coast will experience...

Our Place in the Milky Way Galaxy

Our view of the cosmos is hidden by the light scattering of the Sun during the daylight hours causing the illusion of a blue...

The moons of Jupiter

Jules Verne (1828-1905) wrote adventure stories about a trip “From the Earth to the Moon” and a visit to “The Mysterious Island;” only two...