Harrah’s Lake Tahoe presents Home Free

Home Free

A Cappella Country | May 27 | Harrah’s Lake Tahoe | Stateline, Nev.

In country music, there are endless debates about what kind of instrumentation really defines the genre. Home Free found an ingenious way to get around those kinds of arguments — just ditch the instrumentation altogether. Their five members are all about what has always inarguably been at the core of country music: the human voice.

That Home Free is country music’s only real a cappella group is a novelty that, on the radio or on record, might only occur to listeners after the fact, since arrangements have a way of tricking the ear. In concert, of course, it’s a different story. All at once, from first row to last, jaws drop at the first sight of all those throats in action, followed by nodding, dancing and even crying as the group’s powerful musical storytelling unfolds. | caesars.com