Bart Budwig

Jac Patorke

Cosmic Country | March 16-18 | Moody’s Bistro, Bar & Beats | Truckee

Cosmic country crooner Bart Budwig is a rousing trumpet player and cryin’-style soul singer from Enterprise, Ore. His music is made up of seemingly incongruous parts: the thrum and strum of country, jazz guitar melodies and R&B vocals. When Budwig sings, he draws words into meditative mantras, whole-note neologisms that keep you hanging on until his raspy voice trails off in a ragged edge.

Like king mystic Van Morrison and melancholy prince Nick Drake, his power comes from vocal idiosyncrasies and dreamy visions weaved in rhyme. He sounds like John Prine, plays like Hoyt Axton and glows like a beatific lawn gnome. |