There’s more to Tahoe than skiing

There’s more to Tahoe than skiing
Yes, I can hear the collective gasps and the shouts of blasphemy directed toward me as some of you read the above headline. Nevertheless, it is true. There is a lot more to enjoy in Tahoe besides skiing.

As we are in the midst of one of the busiest times in Tahoe’s winter season, I thought we could highlight some non-skiing activities for you to enjoy rather than spending hours stuck in traffic trying to get to your favorite ski area (along with tens of thousands of others at the same time).

First up, how about a winter cruise on Lake Tahoe? There are a few companies that operate year-round. Read Kayla Anderson’s feature “Winter cruising on Big Blue” for details. It’s also one of the items to try this winter from my Ultimate Tahoe Winter Bucket List (

Second, how about enjoying some bubbly while taking in breathtaking views? Check out our feature “Tahoe’s best spots for bubbly” just in time for Valentine’s Day, which does include some scenic spots at local ski areas.

Third, check out our vibrant local arts scene. In every edition, we highlight a local artist and in this edition it’s The Eadington Gallery featuring the work of photographer Mike Eadington.

Fourth, since many remote workers now take workcations instead of true vacations, I thought it would be a good opportunity to highlight local coworking spots available through the region in our feature “Coworking in Tahoe.”

If you are spending part of your time working in Tahoe, please read our etiquette section, as well. I shouldn’t have to say this, but no, you can’t take a meeting or a call without using headphones or earbuds at one of our local coffee shops. It’s completely inappropriate to all of the other paying customers and to the shop owner. Please, rent desk space at a local coworking group or use a local pod space; details are in our feature.

Next, check out the local live music scene and other local events. You’ll find our entertainment and events calendars in each edition, with more events listed at And don’t miss local songwriter Ben Fuller’s performances. Read about Ben’s music in Sean McAlindin’s feature in this edition.

Lastly, start checking off challenges from my Ultimate Tahoe Winter Bucket List and tag us @TheTahoeWeekly #thetahoeweekly on Facebook or Instagram. There will be prizes at the end of the season to whoever checks off the most items.