Tahoe Tessie AR gaming app launched


UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center’s has unveiled its Find Tahoe Tessie app, after more than a year of planning and development. Find Tahoe Tessie is an augmented reality (AR) gaming app, which places the mythical Tahoe Tessie in and around Lake Tahoe.

While using the app, players become scientists and throughout the game find scientific tools used for various lake experiments, explore Tahoe through local excursions and apply scientific knowledge that will help find Tahoe Tessie.

There are many scientific discoveries to be made throughout this app and while this fun is for the entire family, the learning objectives target students in Grades 3 to 5. At the end of the game, players will have improved comprehension and a better understanding of climate change and its impacts on freshwater ecosystems.

Capture (a photo) of Tahoe Tessie thriving in Lake Tahoe, share content on social media and learn about the impacts of climate change on the lake, Tahoe Tessie and other aquatic organisms. There are multiple Tessies to be found and viewing Tahoe Tessie in augmented reality can be done anywhere, but she looks best at the lake. | tahoe.ucdavis.edu