Sierra-at-Tahoe reopens fully for 2022-23 season


Sierra-at-Tahoe has rebounded from a devasting fire and will open its entire 46 trail network this season in celebration of the resort’s 76th anniversary.

In 2021, the Caldor Fire blazed through Sierra-at-Tahoe affecting 1,600 of its 2,000 acres, damaging lift towers, haul ropes, disintegrating terrain park features and melting four new snowcats.

Adventure Zones |On-mountain themed adventure zones feature terrain elements such as rollers, mini jumps and banked turns that keep children entertained, while signage and animated characters educate them on local history and animal species. Each adventure zone focuses on a theme, including the Wampa Cave featuring a Star Wars theme.

Mountain Tours | Learn more about the geology and history of Sierra-at-Tahoe and the Lake Tahoe Basin on a guided, one-hour tour on select weekends. |


April 9 | Subaru Winterfest