New directions for Melhop Gallery 7077

Miya Hannan

Melhop Gallery 7077 has transformed into a nomadic curatorial project with a virtual online viewing and art-collecting platform. Director Frances Melhop has created a roving gallery with an inspired new approach to the contemporary art gallery.

Melhop represents 12 local, national and international artists. Through careful research Melhop curates guerilla-style pop-up exhibitions, while facilitating art installations and studio visits for people to experience art, add to their collection and meet artists. The first guerilla-style pop-up is Miya Hannan’s “Uncertain Certainty,” which is at HSH Interiors, the old Chinese herb shop, in Truckee. Viewings available by appointment.

Through November and December, Melhop Projects will be launching a curated virtual Art Faire for the holiday season, consisting of original artwork by invited artists. New work will be uploaded to the online gallery each week and 10 percent of sales will be donated to aid firefighters in the region. |