Be prepared for winter driving


Everyone from locals to first-time visitors need to be prepared for winter driving conditions in the Tahoe Sierra, including stocking your car with supplies and knowing how to install chains before you’re on the side of a road during a snowstorm. Read our Winter Preparedness Guide at for driving tips, emergency information and tips for winterizing your home.

  • Check weather conditions before leaving home
  • Check car tires and fluids
  • Travel midweek to avoid traffic
  • Avoid sideroads; they may not be plowed for days.
  • Carry proper chains and know how to install them
  • Pack extra clothing, blankets, food and water in the car
  • Parking on roadways is prohibited
  • Slow down. 4WD and snow tires or studs will not help you stop your car if it’s icy.
  • If you are caught in an avalanche, stay in your vehicle and turn off the engine to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning from a clogged tailpipe.

Watch our video on how to put on chains