Support awarded for historic basket collection

Gatekeeper’s Museum

Gatekeeper’s Museum in Tahoe City is one of 56 institutions in the United States to be selected to participate in the Collections Assessment for Preservation program to help improve the care of its collections, through support for a general conservation assessment of the museum’s collections and buildings, according to a press release.

“Being involved in this program will give our museum a stronger foundation for the preservation and conservation of our Native American basket collection, which is one of the largest collections in California, to ensure its longevity for years to come,” said museum director Susan Winter in the release.

The museum houses The Marion Steinbach Native American Basket Museum, a collection of more than 700 baskets from native peoples of Western North America. The museum will work with a team of preservation professionals to identify preventive conservation priorities and help the museum prioritize its collections care efforts in the coming years. Read more about the historic collection at |