Grandview Lift repairs underway


Sierra-at-Tahoe has started repairs on its Grandview Lift, which was damaged during the 2021 Caldor Fire. The resort shared the monumental repair project and commended it’s crew on a recent blog update. The resort has said it hopes to reopen some of its terrain later this winter.

“The damage caused by the Caldor Fire to Grandview’s haul rope, literally melting it from the inside out, necessitated an entire replacement of the 10,000-foot rope. Each haul rope is created to the particular specs for each lift and replacing a piece of equipment of this magnitude typically has long shipping times and even longer lead times,” Sierra-at-Tahoe wrote on its blog. “… Projects of this scale are typically tackled in the off-season, along with yearly maintenance so by the time winter arrives, the lifts, terminals and chairs have all been repaired, safety-checked, permitted and are ready to spin when the white stuff starts to fly. But nothing about this project would be typical. It would take grit, ingenuity and most importantly faith — complete conviction and buy-in from the maintenance crew to accomplish the (near) impossible.”

“We still have a long way to go before we are making Grandview laps again. The reality is, the crew is starting from square one, as all of the maintenance that is typically performed on Sierra’s lifts in the summertime was completely undone from the fire and can now begin again. With the haul rope in place, the crew can now begin additional restoration projects on Grandview, to prepare this lift and others for operation,” according to the blog.

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