TAMBA hosts Trail Maintenance Reporting Competition

Corral Trail Day | Courtesy TAMBA

The Tahoe Area Mountain Biking Association, TAMBA, is hosting a Trail Maintenance Reporting Competition for trail users to win prizes for submitting trail conditions to the organization.

Report issues and conditions to TAMBA to enter. Email trails@tamba.org and include the following:

  • Name of trail (must be in the Tahoe Basin) and approximate location of the issue. GPS coordinate is great, too.
  • Description of the problem such as a downed tree with the approximate size, severe erosion from storms, thick brush, broken retaining wall and other general trail issues
  • A photo of the problem
  • Your name and contact information
  • To be eligible for a prize, you must be a TAMBA member
  • TAMBA may use your name and photo on social media
  • At the end of each month, everyone who’s submitted maintenance issues will be entered into a drawing and the winner will be announced on social media at the start of the following month.

TAMBA is using the information to schedule maintenance days and update Trailforks conditions reports. Since the group is on a hiatus from trail work at the moment due to COVID-19, the organiziaton will also be able to have a priority list of issues to tackle once they can start work. | tamba.org