Tahoe Maritime Museum to shutter, reorganize

Courtesy Tahoe Maritime Museum

The Tahoe Maritime Museum Board of Directors announced on March 31 that is will be restructuring the nonprofit into a maritime foundation and will sell its properties in Tahoe City and Homewood and distribute its collections to museums or through public sale.

“Over the coming months, TMM will initiate the protocol required to distribute the artifact and archival collections to relevant museums and nonprofits around Lake Tahoe, Northern California and the greater United States. Any items from the collection not relocated to another organization will go to public sale. Both the Museum’s Tahoe City and Homewood properties will be listed for sale. The Board of Directors intends to establish an endowed foundation that will continue to preserve maritime history,” wrote Bud Bensley, president of the Board, in an email.

The Museum is currently closed due to COVID-19, and it is uncertain that the museum will reopen following the closure.

“The Tahoe Maritime Museum Board of Directors has announced plans to change the course of the Museum,” wrote Bensley. “Throughout 2020, the nonprofit will be reorganizing into a maritime foundation. The Museum is proud of the numerous exhibitions, educational programs and the thousands of visitors it has welcomed into the Museum over the last 20 years. However, due to our changing community interests and decreasing philanthropic support, the Museum is unable to meet its annual fundraising goals to support a physical museum within the Tahoe Basin.” | tahoemaritimemuseum.org