Dance party shenanigans | Wigs and Onesies with Moontricks

Rambo Productions is up to their dance party shenanigans again and plan on bringing the house down at the 8th Annual Wigs and Onesies party featuring the electronic duo Moontricks, Friend, Rumpus and DJ Rambo, himself.

Watch the Moontricks perform “Home”

Moontricks is a Canadian duo comprised of Nathan Gurley and Sean Rodman, who hails from the Kootenay mountains of Western Canada. Performing together for the last five years, Gurley is a D.J., plays the harmonica, keyboards and produces the music. Rodman has a strong folk background, plays the banjo and guitar, and is also the vocalist for the band.

“It was one of those things that we didn’t plan when we got together. We thought, ‘Let’s try this and see what happens.’ It was through this experimentation we found our sound.”
–Nathan Gurley

The duo came together after Gurley attended a show where Rodman was playing an acoustic set and thought, “How could I remix this?” He felt they had the same groove.

“It was one of those things that we didn’t plan when we got together. We thought, let’s try this and see what happens. It was through this experimentation that we found our sound,” explains Gurley of the music they create. Their music is as if electronic music marries bluegrass in a unique dance of sound.

March 7 | 9 p.m.
Tahoe Biltmore | Crystal Bay, Nev.

Initially finding their musical footing in the backyard of British Columbia, they were invited to perform at the illustrious Shambala Festival, quickly becoming a fan favorite. Their chemistry is evident in their high-energy performances.

“We offer live instrumentation with an electronic experience,” says Gurley.

Songwriting as a team, Gurley points out that technology helps them to formulate their songs. They each bring their ideas to the table and email back and forth until their songs take shape.

“I am inspired by nature, other musicians, and music in general. We come from a small rural mountain area, getting out in nature is important,” says Gurley. Those themes can be found throughout their music.

When asked what musicians and D.J.’s inspire him, he suggests, “Check out our Spotify playlist,” The Moontricks playlist hosts several songs and artists they are currently listening to. Their tune “Home” is a sweet, moving piece that exemplifies their unique sound.

It is their mutual love of music and what they call boot-stomping bass with banjos and bluegrass that genuinely creates a sound that is cutting edge.

Their vision for the future: “Make music and play as many shows as possible,” says Gurley.

In addition to headliner Moontricks, DJ Friend will perform. He blends an array of organic instruments with a distinctive and danceable sound that personifies his roots in blues, folk, bluegrass and hip hop. Rumpus, a drummer with a punk-rock upbringing, infuses an alternative edge, brings his own unique brand of high vibe, bass-heavy, funky house music. And last, but not least, DJ Rambo brings his distinct intergalactic vibrations, psychedelic soul, laced with funky sounds to help folks get down.

In the ever-changing landscape of electronic music, the opportunity for artists to expand on the art is endless. The Wigs and Onesie event allow DJs and artists to explore the boundaries of electronic and live music and provide a platform for artists to experiment with their music while party revelers pull out their wigs and costumes, dress up and dance into the wee hours. |