Reusable to-go box program launched

Courtesy Keep Truckee Green

Keep Truckee Green has launched the Reusable To-Go Box Program to replace single-use takeout containers with reusable to-go boxes at several local restaurants that can be reused.

The reusable boxes are currently available at Red Truck, The Station, Stella, Siam Cuisine and Wild Cherries. Order and ask for takeout or leftovers in a green, reusable to-go container. There is a $5 initial cost to purchase a container but after that, it’s free to exchange. Reusable to-go containers are also available at Tahoe Food Hub.

When finished with the box, rinse it out and return it to one of the participating restaurants and exchange it for a clean one. Each restaurant washes and sanitizes the boxes.

Restaurants interested in participating in the program may email

[email protected]. |