“Disrupted” | A Crime Thriller From Tahoe filmmakers

Courtesy Realization Films

The trailer for the film “Disrupted” is tense and hooks you from the start. The psychological crime thriller follows the story of Pete, whose wife was murdered 22 years ago. Pete has since rebuilt his life and relationship with his daughter after hitting rock bottom, but another murder occurs that is strikingly familiar. Pete is drawn back into the unsolved mystery of his wife’s murder.

“When we first saw the script, it held the elements we loved and had the tone we wanted to strike.”
–Jared Drake

Realization Films, a Tahoe-based production company, is the brainchild of Jared Drake, Steven Siig and Mark Gogoleswski. Partners Siig and Gogolewski are co-owners of Tahoe Art Haus & Cinema in Tahoe City. Drake, an L.A. writer, director and producer, directed his first feature, “Visioneers,” starring Zach Galifianakis and Judy Greer. Siig, a filmmaker whose background in film focused on outdoor action sports and ski movies, has worked on several Warren Miller films. Gogolewski hails from Silicon Valley and is the business mind behind the venture.

“Disrupted” premiere
Jan. 31 | Tahoe Art Haus & Cinema

“I met Jared while working on a small project,” says Siig.

Courtesy Realization Films

The two men connected and found they enjoyed working with each other. Drake and his wife had grown tired of Hollywood and moved to Tahoe. Drake and Siig acquired the script “Disrupted” from screenwriter and director Andre Welsh.

“When we first saw the script, it held the elements we loved and had the tone we wanted to strike,” says Drake.

Courtesy Realization Films

Scenes in the movie initially took place in Oakland, San Francisco and Bear Mountain. After the script was acquired, Drake and Siig suggested to Welsh to rewrite the scenes in Bear Mountain to feature Tahoe.

“This is a passion project. We want to produce great content and tie it back to Tahoe,” says Drake.

The movie is a thriller. Scenes from the film take place on Lake Tahoe, the West Shore, West Shore Market, Alpine Meadows and the North Shore.

“‘Disrupted’ is Realization Films first project and we are very excited,” says Drake.

While Siig and Drake grew jaded in their respective film careers, they are excited about the future. Along with Gogolewski, their individual work experiences create a perfect trio to develop and produce feature films.

“We want to make movies that make us feel good,” says Siig, who acknowledges that all three men have skin in the game and are serious players in the film business. “This project was a big learning experience not only for me but for Mark and Jared. Andre came through and exceeded our expectations.”

For Drake, Siig and Gogolewski this is an opportunity to tell stories and make art.

In addition to finishing production on “Disrupted,” the company acquired the screen rights for “A Wall of White,” a best-selling book by Jennifer Woodlief, about the deadly avalanche in Alpine Meadows in 1982. They are working on a feature film based on the book with a screenplay by Petter Skavlan. Realization Films produced a documentary that is currently untitled about the avalanche that is in post-production.

The process of getting a film distributed is a long and arduous one, according to Siig: “It is a rare opportunity to see a film produced in our own backyard in Tahoe.”

“Disrupted” will premiere at Tahoe Art Haus & Cinema on Jan. 31. This high-intensity thriller digs deep into the questions of what we are willing to do to learn the truth and what are we willing to risk and sacrifice to find the truth. | tahoearthauscinema.com