Snowmobiling Documentary Premieres

Courtesy “Fresh Set of Tracks”

Fresh Set of Tracks: A Snowmobiling Documentary” follows Duncan Lee, Cody McNolty and Simon Selberg as they travel the globe in search of untouched zones and the world’s most mind-blowing scenery. It will premiere at Tahoe Art Haus & Cinema on Dec. 18 at 8 p.m.

Filmed on location in British Columbia, Canada; Kamchatka, Russia and Hokkaido, Japan. “Fresh Set of Tracks” is a groundbreaking new concept within the snowmobiling film industry, capturing not only the mind-blowing stunts of snowmobiling athletes at the very top of their game, but also documenting the normally less showcased aspects of the sport.

The film is not a traditional extreme sports film; it’s main purpose is to create a perfect mix of well-executed action sequences and a breathtaking documentary of following three colorful people facing the adventure that is travelling the world off the beaten path. |, tickets