Parsons’ Screenplay Produced

G.O. Parsons

G.O. Parsons, a graduate of North Tahoe High School, has written a theme-park thriller screenplay, called “Wally Wonderland.” Nicolas Cage is slated to star in the film.

In “Wally’s Wonderland,” Cage is set to play a man, simply known as The Janitor, who is forced to spend the night at an evil and twisted amusement park and must fight off the animatronics when they come to life. Parsons will have an acting role in the production that begins shooting in January.

The screenplay made Blood List, an annual genre catalogue of the best unproduced, thriller and horror scripts based on a survey of industrial professionals.

Raised in Tahoe City, Parsons graduated from UCLA and is currently negotiating with several book publishers on a quirky, action-packed fiction novel to be released toward the end of 2020.