Ski Film Features Grateful Dead Music

Courtesy Teton Gravity Research

Grateful Dead in association with Teton Gravity Research present a Chris Benchetler film, “Fire On The Mountain.”

Just as the Grateful Dead did not fit their music into an established category, this short film finds a cast of some of the world’s best athletes on an improvisational journey of skiing, snowboarding, surfing and music, with a soundtrack comprised totally of Grateful Dead music.

Shot during a snow and surf road trip, the journey starts in California where the athletes embark on a mission into the mountains. Mid-film the cast is caught in the remote waters of the North Pole followed by a psychedelic dreamscape as they appear as skeletons shredding under the moonlight at Mammoth Mountain and surfing in Indonesia. Similar to a Grateful Dead show, they start and end in the same place but each of their respective experiences is a journey of their own.

Narrated by Hall of Fame basketball player and television sportscaster Bill Walton, “Fire On The Mountain” features some legendary athletes: snowboarders Jeremy Jones, Danny Davis and Kimmy Fasani; surfing icon Rob Machado and skiers Michelle Parker and Chris Benchetler. Captured over the course of the winter, the visual journey features never-seen-before visual effects within nature. The short film will be available to stream worldwide on Dec. 13. |