Local students paint mural at inspection station

Courtesy TRPA

What was once a dull, gray shipping container has been transformed into a work of art at the watercraft-inspection station in Meyers. The colorful and creative mural was painted by local artists and students that puts the “Clean, Drain and Dry” message front and center.

Watch a time-lapse video of the mural’s creation.

The container houses equipment used to decontaminate boats arriving at the station that might harbor aquatic invasive species.

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency commissioned South Tahoe High School teacher and artist Matt Kauffmann to transform one of the containers into a work of art. Kauffman and several of his current and former students spent many hours over the span of four nights to complete the project. The mural is located at the boat inspection station at 2175 Keetak St. off Highway 89. | TRPA on Facebook