Local podcasts make for Interesting Conversations

Brendan Madigan interviewing Emily Harrington in his dining room. | Courtesy Brendan Madigan

Pop culture, politics, news, relationships, spirituality, storytelling: there’s a podcast on almost every topic and people are seeking answers, insights and inspiration while driving, getting ready for work or cleaning the house. There are more than 700,000 active podcasts and more than 29 million podcast episodes.

“I think it’s important for everyday people to see that their icons and idols are in the same boat.” — Brendan Madigan

What draws us to listen to certain podcasts? For some it’s knowledge and learning, for others it’s a way to escape. We listen to learn and to enjoy. For me, content is key. I love a host who is engaging, asks meaningful questions and has an interesting personality and a dash of humor, and locally there a number of noteworthy and thought-provoking podcasts.

Brendan Madigan, owner of Alpenglow Sports in Tahoe City, curates the Winter Speaker Series. He is passionate about the outdoors and has interviewed many world-class athletes for his podcast Afterglow, which is heading into its third season. It began as a hobby born from his speaker series and his passion for the ski and climbing cultures.

Kellee Rich speaks with Aaron Bigalow, founder of AmpCoil Technologies. | Courtesy Kellee Rich

After a debilitating illness, Madigan couldn’t sleep, so he spent his nights listening to podcasts.

“After having my identity ripped away as an athlete, I began to look at what was important,” he says.

According to Madigan, he realized that it was less important to ask his guests about what run they skied and more important to dive deeper into their life: “I think it’s important for everyday people to see that their icons and idols are in the same boat.”

Madigan sees this human aspect as a powerful tool for his listeners. He says that we are faced with many of the same struggles in our lives whether we’ve ascended the tallest summit or skied the gnarliest terrain.

Kali Cathie Carmel hosts the local Tahoe podcast, “It’s Time to Talk — Conversations to Elevate Consciousness,” from her Tahoe City office. In her podcast, she explores an array of topics including climate change, spirituality, relationships, how to live a sustainable life and motherhood. She sets the tone of her show by asking her guests what is important to them.

“I want to have meaningful, deep and important conversations,” says Carmel. She is insightful and thoughtful and guides her guests with an easygoing nature.

Another Tahoe resident offering thought-provoking content is Kellee Rich of “Higher Conversations Podcast: Conversations from Source.” In her podcast, she tackles many topics from health and wellness to creativity and self-improvement. She is thoughtful with her guests and asks deep and engaging questions. Not all of Rich’s podcasts are interview driven; she also records solocasts and podcasts live events in the Tahoe region.

“Our mission is to promote and create conversations that inspire and educate,” explains Rich.

If you want to get a taste of the Tahoe life, check out “Permanent Vacation Show.” Cohosts Dennis Alexander, Kevin Finnen and Alicia Kramer host the podcast; they dish about all things Tahoe.

“It’s a view of life from the lake with Tahoe ski bums,” says Kramer.

Cohosts Scott Sandow and Chris Gray of “The Placer Life Podcast” share gripping, touching, humorous and interesting stories about Placer County. Their recent podcast explores ghost stories of Placer County.

Podcasts to explore

“Tahoe Land” | Capital Public Radio recently wrapped up a series of podcasts entitled “Tahoe Land,” looking of local environmental issues.

“Van Sounds” | Fil Corbitt hosts the podcast “Van Sounds.” In his show, he covers music and travel from his point of view with a smooth and gentle delivery that draws you into the places he visits and the sounds he’s listening to. Corbitt is currently working as field producer for the upcoming USA Today podcast entitled, “The City,” an investigative podcast that delves into the darker side of Reno and explores the future of the city.

“This is Reno” | “This is Reno” with host Bob Conrad is all about Reno, covering the arts, theater and music, along with issues of homelessness and climate change.

“Travel Nevada” | Produced by Corbitt, the podcast explores the beautiful and awesome places to visit in Nevada.

“Indy Matters” | The “Indy Matters” podcast explores issues and politics of Nevada.

“Sparks of Interest” | This new podcast discusses local issues in and around Sparks, Nev., hosted by Jeff Bonano, Dennis Bagley and Peggy Rew.

“Reno Dads Podast” |Reno Dads Podcast” is the idea of a former undercover CIA officer and a marketing guru. The show explores the role of fatherhood; its mission is to foster the community of fathers in the Reno and northern Nevada area.

“Reno Slant Podcast” | Brothers Adam and Nathan Shoup cohost the “Reno Slant Podcast.” The weekly podcast is devoted to keeping University of Nevada, Reno fans informed on all major Wolf Pack sports.