Henderson releases “Shattered Skies”

Science fiction author Alice Henderson is releasing “Shattered Skies,” her highly anticipated third installment in her Skyfire Saga on Oct. 1. Henderson is a resident of Tahoe.

“In the current political and environmental times we live in, this book could not come at a more opportune moment,” according to a press release from Rebel Base, an imprint of Kensington Publishing. “Seeking to shed light on what might happen if we continue with business as usual when it comes to anthropogenic climate change, Henderson highlights important issues with species extinction including the real possibility of human annihilation and environmental disaster, all while wrapping her dystopian world in poignant and captivating storytelling.”

Henderson is a writer of fiction, comics and video game material, and her novel “Portal Through Time” won the Scribe Award for Best Novel. | alicehenderson.com, kensingtonbooks.com