Velu Fur | Eco-friendly faux fur

The Mac Daddy Jacket. | Courtesy Velu Fur

Colorful, fuzzy, fun and reversible, Velu Furs are uplifting Tahoe fashion. These conversation starters are all the rage and with many colors and styles to choose from, each fur stands out and creates a truly personal statement. Maybe you’re in the mood to feel like a wild, sexy creature from Africa or dress in a season of the year from another universe.

Velu is French for furry. The faux furs come in a plethora of colors: tans, greens and oranges offer hints of fall; golds, browns and blacks create a more natural vibe while a playful electric blue fur cries cotton candy. These fake furs are fabulous festival or club wear.

Jordan Laub founder of Velu Fur created and designed the ultimate vegan line of eco-friendly fur jackets. The fluffy, multicolored vegan creations are made from recycled plastic liners and use Microflex technology. They are reversible and machine washable; they come with stash pockets. Some have earplugs on the drawstrings and removable sleeves that turn into boot warmers. The jackets are packaged and delivered in a clear festival-approved light-up backpack. The backpack has three modes and flashes when the music hits 85 decibels, signaling the user to put in the earplugs to prevent hearing damage.

Laub, who says that design is his passion, initially created the jackets for music festivals; although, the furs are great for skiing and snowboarding and for winter warmth at night out on the town.

His father took Laub to his first Burning Man when he was a teenager. It was his sister Alex who made him his first faux-fur coat for the event. Not only was he blown away by his experience at Burning Man, but it eventually inspired him to create and design a line of faux-fur jackets.

This born and bred native of South Lake Tahoe is 25 years old and currently attending law school; he plans to take the bar exam next July.

The Crop Hoodie. | Courtesy Velu Fur

“I come from a long line of lawyers. I dreamed of starting a law firm with my father,” he said. (Unfortunately, his father passed away from brain cancer during Laub’s first year of law school.) “I watched how hard he worked and how brutal it was for him. I thought hell, let’s just have some fun.”

Laub started Velu Fur in 2017. Initially, each jacket was made by hand. He teamed up with Rich Kunkel of the Sweatsedo Company, who showed him the ropes. Laub learned about wholesale manufacturing and product and clothing manufacturing under Kunkel’s tutelage.

According to Laub, his friend Steven Haggerty helps him out, as well: “Steven runs the back end of the business. He handles all the fulfillment and Web site. Hard to have Velu without Steve.”

“The first year we sold 1,000 jackets. We attended the Las Vegas [Electric Daisy Carnival] in May and sold out of our inventory in three days. It blew me away,” he said. “There were 10 people deep and 10 people wide in the booth and I just yelled does everyone here want a jacket?”

The company offers numerous designs and styles. The Crop Hoodie is a bolero-cut, waist-length, cropped fur and the Mac Daddy Jacket is a hip-length jacket with removable sleeves.

The Mac Daddy comes in three different styles: the Chupacabra has a colorful tie-dye lining, the Outcaste has a Renaissance-themed lining and the Wingman has a graffiti lining.

Laub is having a creative good time with his line.

“I see it as a replacement for real fur. No animals are harmed. It’s a fun product and it’s versatile. It shows your unique personality and it’s a stylish piece of clothing with a stylish twist,” he said, adding that the jackets serve as a talking piece and conversation starter.

Velu Furs are wearable works of art that make a fashion statement; they can be dressed up or down and for any occasion. The jackets range in price from $100 to $200 depending on the style. | Facebook Velu Fur