Tahoe’s butterfly invasion

Lake Tahoe Balloons offers a unique experience soaring over Lake Tahoe and surrounding peaks from a hot air balloon that takes off and lands from a barge on the lake. Read about Kayla Anderson’s adventure “Soaring above Tahoe’s peaks on a hot air balloon” in this edition and at TheTahoeWeekly.com, then take a ride for yourself and check off #93 on our Ultimate Summer Bucket List (online under Out & About). Photography courtesy Lake Tahoe Balloons | LakeTahoeBalloons.com, @LakeTahoeBalloons

The Tahoe Sierra has seen tens of thousands of butterflies swarming the region. They are on the trails, in the meadows, and I’ve even had some in my house. Unfortunately, they are also along the highways with no way to avoid them.

“These are most likely California Tortoiseshell butterflies,” the U.S. Forest Service’s Tahoe National Forest posted on its Facebook page along with a great video of the butterflies. “Look for these beautiful, winged insects near wildflower patches.” It shouldn’t be hard to find them as reports of the butterflies range from Tahoe Donner to South Lake Tahoe and in upper elevations particularly along the Pacific Crest Trail. We shared the video at facebook.com/TheTahoeWeekly.

After enjoying the butterflies, take the time to enjoy one of the other adventures we’ve featured in this edition from a trek to Fontanillis Lake (which Tim Hauserman has declared Desolation Wilderness’ finest lake), to taking off on a hot air balloon adventure above Lake Tahoe or enjoying a day with the family at Tahoe Trout Farm. Then, end the day with one of Priya Hutner’s Cool Summer Cocktails.

Ultimate Tahoe Summer Bucket List

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