“Movie to Keep Squaw True” now streaming

Courtesy Sierra Watch

Sierra Watch has released the film “The Movie to Keep Squaw True” on its Web site for free streaming. The movie tells the “story of how Tahoe locals are stopping developers from turning their favorite mountain into a Vegas-style amusement park,” according to a press release.

Directors Robb Gaffney, author of “Squallywood, A Guide to Squaw Valley’s Most Exposed Lines,” and his brother, Scott Gaffney, filmmaker with Matchstick Productions, have captured the dramatic, ongoing eight-year struggle in an hour-long film.

It’s played for select audiences in ski towns throughout the American West, and now it’s streaming for free at sierrawatch.org/keep-squaw-true-movie.

“We took ‘The Movie to Keep Squaw True’ out on a five-state tour, firing up audiences in the Rockies and Reno, in Tahoe and Truckee, from Jackson Hole to June Lake,” says Tom Mooers of Sierra Watch in a press release.  “Now we’re going global.”

The movie centers around the fight by a group of Tahoe locals to keep ski conglomerate Alterra Mountain Company, which operates Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows among its resorts, to build a development that would include condo hotels, a roller coaster, and a 90,000 square-foot indoor waterpark at the ski area.

Sierra Watch has brought two legal challenges to Placer County’s 2016 approval of the project.

“This is not a time to keep quiet for mountain towns throughout North America,” says Robb Gaffney in the press release. “It’s a time to show the world the strength and wisdom of these communities.”

“There is so much of a story to tell here,” adds his brother, Scott, in the release. “And I’m proud to be doing it.”

“We’re excited to share this film – and our cause – with a world-wide audience,” said Mooers in the release. “Because we are confident that the more people get involved, the better chance we have of securing an outcome that respects the timeless values of Squaw, Tahoe and our mountain communities.”

For more information, visit sierrawatch.org.