Pool Time

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My son Anikin, like most kids, loves to swim. Even though he lives next to one of the most beautiful natural pools in the world, Lake Tahoe is too cold to swim in for most of the year. Fortunately for Anikin and are kids who love to swim, there are several year-round public swimming pools in the Tahoe-Truckee area.

Community pools
City of South Lake Tahoe Recreation and Swim Complex | cityofslt.us
Incline Village Recreation Center | yourtahoeplace.com
Truckee Community Recreation Center | tdrpd.org

Our favorite is Truckee Donner Recreation & Parks District Community Swimming Pool. Built in 2016, the pool is part in the Community Recreation Center. The pool adds to the recreational opportunities the center provides to the community.

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The Community Swimming Pool is in a 26,000-square-foot building and has a recreation pool and a competitive lap pool. These two large pools allow for a wide range of water activities for every age group.

For the little ones there is a shallow splash area. The water depth ranges from a few inches to a few feet making it ideal for small children just learning water awareness. The kids have fun playing in the various water features and on the small slide. Anikin has outgrown this slide, but it doesn’t stop him from sliding anyway.

Courtesy TDRPD

The splash area has a graduated slope that leads to the other side of the recreation pool. This side of the pool is well suited for older kids. There are two lap lanes, one of which has a “big kid” slide, as he calls it, at one end. Water basketball, volleyball equipment and foam-water toys are available in these lanes.

One of Anikin’s favorite spots in the rec pool is the Current Channel, which he calls the lazy river. Much like the current of a slow river, the water in the channel pushes swimmers forward. The water flows around a water lounge at the center of the channel. It is amusing to watch Anikin swim against the current and try to hold onto the sides of the pool. I am especially amused when he tells me he is stronger than the current and can hold on forever.

An added bonus to the rec pool is the garage doors around it, which open to an outdoor lounge area and allows for a warm flow of air during the summer.

Courtesy TDRPD

Both pools are heated but the lap pool is several degrees colder than the rec pool, appropriate for lap practice and water fitness. Better suited for the more advanced swimmer, the lap pool has 10 25-yard lanes, which have open-swim and lap-swim hours. During open-swim time, several of the lanes include a diving board, water basketball equipment and a rope climb.

Adult fitness classes such as Aqua High Intensity Interval Training, Deep H2O Aerobics and water polo are held in the lap pool. There are also stroke clinics to fine-tune technique and water yoga and SUP yoga for building balance.

Group swim lessons are offered year-round and accommodate beginner to advanced swimmers. If the timing is not convenient, private swim lessons are available and offer more flexibility. Anikin has done several private lessons and really enjoys the individual attention.

Truckee’s Community Swimming Pool has water recreation for every member of the family. It is one of my family’s favorite places to play. It is an enjoyable way to stay active and spend quality time with the family. | tdrpd.org