Bike racks available to Tahoe businesses

Courtesy Tahoe Fund

Following the successful first phase of the “Bike Racks for Businesses” program that was introduced to agencies in 2018, the nonprofit Tahoe Fund will continue its partnership with Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition to offer low or no-cost bike racks to interested businesses in the Tahoe Basin. The program is designed to encourage locals and visitors to ride bikes around lakeside communities instead of drive.

Tahoe Fund helped install 215 bike racks with room for 430 bikes in 2018. Grant funding provided by the Tahoe Fund will also be used to support the coalition’s mobile bike racks, known as bike valets, at events around the Basin. Bike valets offer free, safe bike parking to event-goers to encourage them to ride — instead of drive — to concerts, festivals and more.

“Reducing vehicle traffic has the potential to reduce emissions and fine-sediment — significant factors in air pollution and water clarity,” said Katy Simon Holland, Tahoe Fund board chair, in a press release. “Bicycle parking has been shown to increase visitation at local businesses and is a visual representation of the region’s emphasis on sustainability.”

Businesses interested in bike racks can apply until June 7 online. Two bike rack options are available. Interested businesses will be selected by the coalition based on criteria that includes an ability to provide matching funds, experienced or projected bike rack use and community benefit based on surrounding businesses or services.

The coalition will be responsible for all ordering, shipping and professional installation of the bike racks; installations can be expected mid-July. |, [email protected]