Meeting for the first time

Mariah’s Chair, carved in 1978 | J.B. Blunk | Nevada Museum of Art

“In Conversation: Alma Allen and J.B. Blunk” stages a conversation between two artists who never met but whose work share a deep affinity for nature. The exhibit will be in Nevada Museum of Art until June 23. “In Conversation” is comprised of nearly 80 works ranging from monumental furniture and sculpture in wood, stone and bronze to delicate ceramic plates. The diversity of creations illustrates how both artists, inspired by nature’s visceral power and beauty, create evocative work from materials found on the land.

Both Alma Allen and J.B. Blunk were self-taught and each began making work on a small hand-made scale: Blunk in ceramic and Allen in wood and stone. Working alone in rather remote locations, gave them the space and freedom to expand the scale and range of their practices to encompass not only housewares, furniture and sculpture but also the design and building of their own homes and studios. The exhibition also features photographs by Lisa Eisner and Leslie Williamson that show how each shaped his own environment, creating a parallel dialogue between these two contemporary photographers.

The exhibition features new work in bronze and stone made by Allen especially for the occasion, as well as a number of his early pieces in wood, marble and stone, and J.B. Blunk’s art borrowed from his house, designed and built by him, considered his masterwork. |