Corned Beef Hash

Every once in a while, I have to write about the most important meal of the day. Breakfast is the meal that gets you and your metabolism going in the morning and can be a deciding factor on how much energy you have to carry you through until lunch. It is also, probably the most neglected meal of the day.

Even people who will talk about the importance of a good breakfast will admit they skip it too often. You know how it is: you sleep in, you’re running late and maybe grab a granola bar on the way out the door — that is, if you don’t decide to blow off breakfast completely and try to make it until lunch. For breakfast, we will settle for donuts or cinnamon rolls, something fast that we can grab and go. For lunch, we will stand in line and wait for a fresh sandwich or baked entree.

Corned beef hash is a rare breakfast for anyone to fix on their own but can be prepared to take care of all three meals.

I have to admit, I fall into this category. I love breakfast, but I’m rather lazy when it comes to fixing something early in the morning. If I do have breakfast, it is usually a Carnation Instant Breakfast. Even a bowl of cereal is too much bother most of the time. As a matter of fact, the cereal I keep in my kitchen almost always is my dinner when I don’t feel like making anything. As for eggs, I love them. There is nothing like a real bacon and egg breakfast, but again, I will only make it when someone is staying over at my house or I decide to binge on my days off. Usually, I eat bacon and eggs, pancakes or waffle in a restaurant. I associate a good breakfast more with vacation than an everyday occurrence.

We do have a lot of friends who come to visit in the winter and stay with us to be near the slopes and they are not looking for a leisurely breakfast. They are looking to get to the mountain as soon as possible so they can stand in line until the lifts open with hopes of getting that rare untracked powder run.

Corned beef hash is a rare breakfast treat that can be prepared to take care of all three meals. Cook off the corned beef for dinner and then with the leftovers you can make hash for breakfast and great sandwiches for lunch. Other than cooking off the corned beef, hash is easy to make and you can even cut that time down by boiling a few extra potatoes while making dinner the night before.

As for the vegetarian, make the hash the same way and substitute veggies such as broccoli, carrots and anything else he or she wants for the beef. This is one breakfast that will give you the energy to make it until lunch.

Corned Beef Hash
3 C corned beef, cut into chunks
2 large red potatoes ,boiled with salt & cut into medium cubes
½ onion, cut lengthwise into strips
½ red pepper, cut into strips
½ green pepper, cut into strips
2 T butter

Rub the corned beef with the salt, pepper and garlic, and slow cook in a roasting pan, no more than half covered with water and the pan tightly sealed with foil for 8 hours at 250 degrees or until a knife easily penetrates it.

For the hash, the key is to cook the ingredients one at a time, instead of all together to maximize the flavors. Start with the onions and half the butter in a heavy skillet and once the onions are starting to brown toss in the peppers. Let them start to soften and toss in the potatoes and the rest of the butter. Let the butter start to brown as the potatoes also turn golden and then toss in the corned beef and pop into a 350-degree oven for 10 to 15 minutes until the meat is hot.