Input sought on Kings Beach Center

The Kings Beach Center and Eastern Gateway Redevelopment project is gaining momentum after implementing several rounds of revisions to the proposed design based on community feedback.

Now, the revitalization project team invites the public to a community input meeting at the North Tahoe Event Center on March 5 from 5 to 7 p.m. During the meeting attendees can review updated architectural elevations and site plans for both the Kings Beach Center and the Eastern Gateway parcels and provide input. The Eastern Gateway parcels were recently added to the project concept and plan for redevelopment as a mixed-use commercial retail space on the ground floor with workforce housing above.

“The community’s vision of a hotel and mixed-use project at Kings Beach Center is the result of years of community outreach and input and this is a great chance for neighbors to continue to help shape the project in line with that vision,” said Jennifer Merchant, Placer County’s deputy county executive officer for North Lake Tahoe, in a press release.

The vision for the Kings Beach Center is to include a 120-room hotel with ground floor parking, a public library and landscaped outdoor space with a separate driveway and parking, general merchandise and food service businesses with parking accommodations, and 20 condominiums located above the retail space with enclosed parking for residents. The vision for the Eastern Gateway project is 45 workforce housing units and 10,000 square feet of mixed-use commercial and office space.

Located on North Lake Boulevard between Coon Street and Fox Street, with the exception of the mini-golf course, this 3.5-acre site is currently underutilized from an economic standpoint. Project details and renderings are available at