Snow play on highways dangerous

Courtesy Caltrans

Caltrans is reminding motorists that snow play is not permitted in State Roadside Rest Areas (SRRAs) or alongside highways, onramps or offramps for the safety of the public and other drivers.

With the recent storm systems in the Sierra Nevada region and accompanying clear weather conditions, many people have driven to the mountains for some family fun in the snow. However, drivers are parking alongside highways and in non-designated areas for snow play, creating hazardous driving conditions for other motorists and preventing big rigs from using rest areas for federally mandated stops.


Caltrans SRRA’s have been overcrowded lately with motorists stopping to play in the snow, despite clearly displayed message boards and signs stating that snow play is not permitted. This has created traffic congestion along highway exits, which is unsafe for motorists. Vehicles are also parking in designated big rig areas, preventing truckers from stopping to rest.

In addition, motorists have been using highway onramps and offramps for snow play, increasing chances for traffic collisions and preventing snow plows from clearing lanes and shoulders.

Caltrans has been working closely with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) to monitor and prevent snow play in non-designated areas. Vehicles found parked illegally may be cited or towed for public safety. Legal snow play areas can be found on the California State Parks Web site. |