Cross-country trails to open on Mount Rose

Courtesy Tim Hauserman

Nevada Nordic cross-country trails system is open for the 2018-2019 ski season. Once there is sufficient snow, Nevada Nordic plans to groom and maintain the following locations:

  • Mount Rose Highway | Nevada Nordics has a permit from the Nevada Department of Transportation to groom a more than 2km of Mount Rose Highway (State Route 431), just beyond the second pullout on the right-hand side of the highway. The trail is a straight shot up and back down. Park on the south side of the highway in the pullout area. Do not park on the opposite side of the road and cross the highway on foot. If it is snowing and/or the state is plowing the highway, do not park at all. Nevada Nordic will only groom after a storm has passed and the roads are clear.
  • Incline’s Mountain Golf Course | Nevada Nordic will groom a trail for skating and classic skiing on the course as conditions allow. The loop trail will start and end at the chalet.
  • Spooner State Park | The rangers have welcomed and assisted Nevada Nordic for the last four years. This relationship will continue this season. The snow-cat (LMC 1800) is trailer capable. It is a time consuming to load and unload the LMC 1800, but it is doable. Volunteers are needed with a ¾- to 1-ton truck willing to tow the equipment to Spooner and back. It will be groomed there when there is a need for a heavy machine with a blade. North Canyon Road up to the North Canyon campground and possibly all the way to Marlette Lake will be groomed. Donations and contributions designated for Spooner will be used to pay operating costs. In between storms, Spooner volunteers will maintain the trails with the state parks Alpina Sherpa and track setter.

Nevada Nordic is a 501(c)3 charity that relies on donations and volunteers. A donation will help Nevada Nordic with grooming at Mount Rose Highway, Spooner State Park and the Incline Mountain Golf Course. It will also help in building out the long-term vision of a multi-use venue off of the Mount Rose Highway with a significant groomed trail network. |