Kings Beach Public Pier Rebuild Approved

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency Governing Board unanimously approved the Kings Beach State Recreation Area Pier Reconstruction Project, a near-term project in California State Parks’ revised general plan for the property to improve lake and beach access and recreation experiences in the Kings Beach community.

Proposed by California State Parks, the public pier reconstruction project removes an existing pier near the center of Kings Beach State Recreation Area that does not reach water during low lake levels and rebuilds a 488-foot pier on the eastern side of the property where it will be able to function during low lake levels and provide a landing for motorized and human-powered watercraft. The project also:

  • designates a new swim area on the beach expanded by the pier relocation;
  • replaces an existing motorized boat ramp that is unusable during low lake levels with a new ramp area for non-motorized watercraft and
  • reconfigures the boat trailer parking area with a new pick-up/drop-off location and pedestrian access to facilities on the eastern portion of the park.

The project complies with the Lake Tahoe Shoreline Plan that TRPA approved in October and includes work to reduce scenic impacts and restore fish habitat that is impacted by the public pier reconstruction.

Revisions to the Kings Beach State Recreation Area General Plan include conceptual plans for continued improvements to the popular recreation property and California Tahoe Conservancy parcels near the intersection of Coon Street and State Route 28 over the next two decades, including expanded gathering areas and event and picnic spaces, pedestrian improvements, more efficient parking lots, electric vehicle charging, interpretive features, landscaping and improved access and on-site storage for small non-motorized watercraft. | (775) 589-5278,