“The Vodka Diaries”

Ryan Salm

Tahoe photographer Ryan Salm set out on an incredible journey in the summer of 2018. Leaving his home and loved ones he traveled alone to the country of Georgia in search of the world’s greatest dumpling.

Joined by cohort Jeremiah Kent, the two of them traversed the countryside before meeting up with the internationally renowned Home Team String Band in Moscow. The band, last seen in Olinda, Brazil, reformed like Voltron and traveled the Trans-Siberian Railway serenading everyone in their path. As the train rumbled down the tracks and copious amounts of vodka were consumed, three of the famed members prepared themselves for a self-supported SUP trip on Lake Baikal.

Salm will regale the audience with his usual awesome photos and hilarious commentary about his trip to the World Cup in Russia and Georgia in the show “The Vodka Diaries: A Journey Across Russia & Georgia” at Tahoe Art Haus in Tahoe City on Oct. 30 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $10. | tahoearthauscinema.com