Tahoe Adventure Film Festival returns

Courtesy Tahoe Adventure Film Festival

Marking 16 years of adventure sports cinematography and culture, Tahoe Adventure Film Festival is the annual gathering of the who’s who of outdoor adventure set in a hypnotic theatrical show of go-go dancers and dramatic action imagery by the best Tahoe photographers.

It’s where the industry’s best filmmakers premier their latest adventure sports films one night only hosted by festival creator and adventurer, Todd Offenbacher.

An annual tradition, TAFF celebrates the adventure sports community with newly released films of daring exploits and epic adventures in some of the most remote places and harsh conditions that test the human spirit. Filmmakers capture the power and intensity of skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, rock climbing, surfing, mountain biking, BASE jumping and other heart-pounding sports that feed our addiction to adventure. Many of the segments are special edits including previews of films that have not been released.| laketahoefilmfestival.com