Paddleboarding tips & tricks | Local pens SUP book

Writer Kayla Anderson has melded her passion for standup paddleboarding and writing into her third e-book, which she released earlier this summer.

“Stand Up Paddleboarding 2.0: Top 101 Stand Up Paddle Board Tips, Tricks, and Terms to Have Fun, Get Fit, Enjoy Nature, and Live Your Stand-Up Paddle Boarding Passion to the Fullest From A to Z!” was published on July 31 and is available at This book is a follow-up to her second book, “Stand Up Paddle Board Racing for Beginners: A Quick Guide on Training for Your First Stand Up Paddleboarding Competition.”

After graduating with a degree in journalism from California State University, Chico in 2004 Anderson made her way to Florida where she worked for Wake Boarding Magazine. Just two years later she arrived in Tahoe with the lofty goal of becoming a snowboard bum. She started out as a lift operator, but ended up spending 10 years in marketing and public relations for Diamond Peak Ski Area and Mount Rose Ski Tahoe.

“My favorite part of the marketing job was the writing part. What I love about writing is I meet so many different and interesting people. I like doing the research and expanding my horizon, as well,” said Anderson.

She finally decided that since it was really the writing that she loved, she needed to become a freelance writer.

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“I saved up money to get through the winter and started looking for writing assignments,” said Anderson.

She began working for Enjoy Magazine in Redding, then the Sparks-Tribune, and blogging for She is now is a regular contributor for Tahoe Weekly.

The opportunity came up through a freelance writing Web site to write an e-book.

“I’ve done all different forms of writing. I looked at books as a way to challenge myself with something different,” said Anderson.

She wrote a book about the benefits of working at a stand-up desk, then the opportunity to write her book about paddleboard racing came up. This turned out to be a challenge for three reasons. First, she had never raced a paddleboard before. Secondly, she got the assignment in the fall when there are no paddleboard races at Tahoe. Thirdly, the publisher wanted the book to be finished in four weeks.

The good news is she works at Waterman’s Landing in Carnelian Bay. Owners Anik and Jay Wild are both world-class paddleboarders, so she had a ready source for expert advice. She also had access to a paddleboard and a great place to paddle, just a short bike ride from her home.

Anderson found a race in Alameda and she spent four weeks training for it. She would paddle about four mornings a week, then ride back home and write. She relied not only on the expert advice of the Wilds, but on her own experiences training and racing in her first race. Contrary to the often-given advice to write about what you know, Anderson likes to learn about something by writing about it. It is through those fresh eyes that she feels she can provide a more powerful perspective. Writing about paddleboarding helped her to become a better paddler, by forcing her to focus on the details.

Kayla Anderson has turned her love of paddleboarding into two e-books. | Courtesy Kayla Anderson

Her latest book, which gives tips on paddleboarding from A to Z, gave Anderson a chance to combine time on the paddleboard with her love of research to discover all the ins and outs of paddleboarding. For example, it took some deep digging to come up with a paddleboard topic that starts with the letter X. “Stand Up Paddleboarding 2.0” is twice as long as her first book and she put that one together in just two months.

“The first book was more of a personal experience of training for my first race and the second is more of a glossary. It is somewhat a sequel,” said Anderson.

The online market for e-books, according to Anderson, “has given more opportunities for writers to break into the field. I’m glad I became a freelancer when I did. I can be anywhere in the world and write.” |