Bijou Municipal Golf Course

Hole 7, green to tee.

Bijou Municipal Golf Course has been a local South Shore favorite since the early 1920s. I’ve been told that the course has changed little since that time. Just think about all the history this place has and the hundreds of thousands of players who have walked those fairways.

Par 32 | 9 Holes
Yardage | 1,721 to 1,989
Rating | Not Rated
Slope | Not Rated

Back in that era a well-struck tee shot by a tour player was around 240 yards. That may be short by today’s standards but not when Bijou was built. Indeed, the course is only 1,989 yards from the white tees and 1,721 from the red tees, so distance off of the tee is not required. Fairways are wide and interspersed with strategically located pines. Most greens are smallish, fairly flat, but some are two tied or have a hog’s back running down the middle. There are no sand traps, but marshland can catch a wayward shot on a few holes, especially Hole 9. Every once in a while, take a look around and you will get a wonderful view of Freel Peak.

The Hole 6 is the longest at 347 yards and plays as a slight dogleg left par 4. Trees guard the left side and an out-of-bounds property fence guards the right. A tee shot of no more than 230 yards should favor the right side of the fairway to give the player a clean look at the green. Too far left and you are blocked out by a large tree. A driver is not necessary and will bring all kinds of trouble into play.

Today, a golf course like Bijou Municipal would be called executive length where there are no par 5s, a few short par 4s and the rest par 3s. Don’t overlook a golf course just because it might not be as long or tough as you usually play. Bijou is perfect for a quick nine before or after work; I played in a leisurely 1.5 hours. It’s also a great place for new golfers to work on their games. It is a perfect walk; in fact there are no power carts available. Maybe rent a push cart.

This golf course has a feel of simpler times and I imagine that most players first teed it up on a course similar to Bijou. First and last, it is a fun place to play and that is what golf is supposed to be about. | (530) 542-6097,

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John Dee
John Dee grew up in Elm Grove, Wis., playing many sports with a strength in baseball. A desire to beat his best buddy in high school led him to take up golf. In the mid-80s he moved into golf as a profession, received his PGA membership and began to teach golf. “My wife and I (and our cats) moved to Lake Tahoe in 2005 to further our careers and eventually found other paths to follow. She started her own business and I spent seven years in Parks and Recreation, but returned to golf in 2015 as Assistant Golf Professional at the Resort at Squaw Creek. Some things about the business has changed a lot, but the game is still hard and people still want to have a good time.”