Experience the Music of Meditation At Wanderlust

Sound healer Alexandra Love just re-grounded from a full weekend of wanderlusting in Stratton, Vt.

“It was so beautiful,” she says. “We ended up singing with a lot more classes than we planned because people kept inviting us to join them during savasana. If I could sum it up in one word, it would be kindness.”

July 19-22 | Olympic Valley

Love is the founder and creative director of Beautiful Chorus, an Orlando-based group of women who make meditative music to help people realize themselves, become present and create more devotion in world.

“We basically sing with yoga classes and perform sound-healing meditations,” she explains. “We have some instruments such as crystal singing bowls, but the core of it all comes from the harmony of our four voices.”

Beautiful Chorus will be singing at the opening gathering of Wanderlust Squaw Valley before performing around the festival throughout the weekend.

The four-day festival from July 19 to 22 will create the space for yoga enthusiasts, music lovers, foodies, outdoor adventurers and soul seekers to come together for a transformative weekend retreat. The festival features world-renowned yoga teachers, musical performances, workshops, talks, guided outdoor excursions, food and wine experiences including a Farm To Table Dinner, meditation classes and much more.

“To me, music is one of the most essential elements of grounding, centering and going within,” says Love. “More than anything, sound can create this energetic ocean that connects us all and brings the mind, emotions and body into an aligned frequency.”

By quieting the mind and tuning into ethereal vibrations, Love believes people are able to move closer toward becoming their true selves.

“We don’t even have to get back to something,” she says. “We are it. The more we can lose our rigidity and resistance, the more we can feel our greatness. I think sometimes people are reticent to take credit for the things they create. The truth is we are already awesome; we just have to feel it.”

The Soulful Science of Sound Waves

“We like to think of ourselves as vibrational doctors,” says Aya Trenier.

She and Tyler Sussman have spent the last several years touring the world and playing music for yoga and meditation gatherings as a duo known simply as Aya and Tyler.

“My first integration into sound healing was taking a hike with a didgeridoo when I was 20,” she says. “My mother had recently moved from England to Sonora. Her friend was visiting who had just gotten back from Australia. He took me on a walk that blew my mind and put me in a transcendental place. That was when I realized you can go to other places simply through sound vibrations.”

Unknowingly, Trenier had been doing this on her own since she was a young girl. The daughter of a shiatsu massage and chi gong expert, she grew up a natural singer who attended Sylvia Young Theatre School in London. Even as an infant she would always be making up songs. However, she didn’t call her favorite instrument a voice, but instead referred to her naïvely improvised melodies as “my sound.”

“My mom gave me little tape recorder,” she says. “I was mesmerized by how I could sing and feel this way. Music took a hold of me long before anything else.”

Sussman and Trenier believe their music is channeled through a native intuition honed by yoga, meditation and a periodic participation in South American Ayahuasca rituals. Yet there is also a systematic method to the composition of their sonic journeys.

“We program our music to 68 beats per minute, which is equal to the average resting heart beat,” Sussman says. “This encourages the listener to settle into the heart and slow down to a natural breathing cycle.”

Brain cells communicate via electrical impulses, which are active all the time, even during sleep. By programming their music between six or seven hertz, Aya and Tyler are able to simulate the frequency of a mind somewhere between deep sleep and a daydream. They then layer instruments and harmonies through a loop to create an otherworldly, yet somehow natural aural landscape.

“It is a very organic way to induce different states of conscious though vibrational medicine,” says Sussman.

This very combination of logic and feeling allows Aya and Tyler to guide listeners while seemingly wide awake into other dimensions. It is an experience similar to lucid dreaming and one that has had life-changing effects on fans around the world.

“We want people to remember that they are pure love and divine consciousness,” says Trenier. “We are all one and we all are love. When we sing together, we heal together. When we all vibrate as one, we are one. Our hope is to return people to their true essential nature that is love.”

Aya and Tyler will be offering performances throughout the festival. | wanderlust.com