The Golf Club at Gray’s Crossing

The putting green at Gray’s Crossing.

Named after Joseph Gray, the founder of Truckee, Gray’s Crossing is a creatively designed 18-hole golf course set against a gorgeous mountain backdrop. Gray’s Crossing is long, fast and fun — especially when you stay in the fairways.

18 Holes, Par 72
Yardage: 7,502
Slope: 143
Rating: 74.7

Recently, I joined the ladies of Gray’s Crossing for a round of golf: Tahoe Mountain Club’s events manager Kendra McGargill, director of special events Dana Rivers and assistant director of food and beverage Stacey Hakomaki. Since most holes are par 4s and 5s, we decided to play a scramble. Each of us hit some decent shots, managing to keep the best ball in the fairways most of the time.

Fortunately, these were great women to play with. Rivers has an effortless swing and McGargill can really drive the ball. I loved the third hole, mainly because I felt like I had two great drives. On the fourth hole, we all had great chip/approach shots onto the green while the fifth hole had lots of undulations, reminding me of a pinball machine. The sixth hole had lots of bunkers in a cluster around the green — eight to be exact — and I think we all landed in one.

Hakomaki hit her stride on the back nine and had an incredible drive and impressive putt on the 11th hole, a par 3. I felt like playing a few holes on the back nine is what a walking golfer said as he passed by because: “Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while.” You win some, you lose some.

The 13th hole is a beautiful hole, and Hakomaki’s favorite, because of the big blue pond off to the right and the fairway wrapping around it on the left-hand side. Even though Hakomaki told me that it is easy to miss the pond. I managed to hit directly into it off of the tee box, losing my first ball of the day.

However, the 18th hole is probably the most challenging because the fairway stops midway and then continues across a marsh, picking back up again on the right-hand side. Staying in the fairways is the best way to do well on this course.

Along with the incredible scenery and perfect greens, I have to say that my favorite thing about this course were the women I went out with. Who wouldn’t want to take an afternoon to get out in the fresh air amongst the pines with good company? Gray’s Crossing is the ideal place to do it. | (866) 703-4653,