Marco Maynard’s winning poem from the 2017 Tahoe Poetry Slam

Dedicated to his girlfriend

You’re the love I can’t
I’ve tried
Boundless in time
I’m never free of mind
A slave when I find
That you and I
Will always be
It’s just a memory
I’m through provoking
N though I’ve never
spoke it
I’m soaked in its glory
Choked by its lore n
I’m at the end of my
Digging for nothin
So why keep frontin
I’m not hunting for
anything but the loss of
an empty bucket
It’s rustic
You can’t ever trust it
So suck it up butter cup
and realize sometimes you just gotta say – fuck it
I’m through being stuck
– It was
lust that led me to
N I rushed again
I’m blushing in love
forgive me that I keep
fuckin up again
N there’s somethin to
what I’m sayin
I’m praying you hear me
and feel me
Believe me at times I
don’t know how I would
steer to go near me
I fear that my queries will
seer all the blood sweat
and tears
make us weary
In theory it’s nice
I promise you I
Will always love you and
though I never show it
But I
Can be grateful
As hateful as I
As irreplaceable as all
the moments where the
real made us high
That was incredible
Love is never legible
It’s only a feeling when
you know you’re insensible
N I wouldn’t replace it or
change this insatiable
space that we share it’s
You are embraceable
N I’m facing the fate that
our hearts are retained in
a place where the stars lead the way…but
N it’s gravitational
My anchors to stay
and I hope that you
know, that I feel same..
Our love is sensational
So thank you