Sending it in Tahoe’s Parks

Sending it at Homewood | IJ Valenzuela

Looking to lock down that backside misty or test yourself in the rail garden? Tahoe’s terrain parks provide a variety of experiences appealing to anyone from the first-time park shredder to the X-Games hopeful. Each resort’s terrain park has a unique vibe and character, which makes each visit an opportunity for a new adventure.

Explore creative features
Heavenly’s terrain parks are a sampling of unique features built from repurposed materials that push riders to find creative ways to explore the park. Starting with the Progression Park where groms can nail his or her first rail, Heavenly’s parks grow to the High Roller Park where riders can push their limits on a medium-sized jump line and signature snow features built by Snow Park Technologies. This season, Heavenly and SPT are working to bring back an 18-foot, competition-quality half pipe.

“Squaw Valley features one of the regions few 22-feet Super Pipes.”

Northstar’s 22-foot pipe | Courtesy Northstar

Stomping grounds of Olympians
The regular stomping grounds of Olympic athletes such as David Wise and Shaun White, Northstar is known for building parks for some of the best skiers and riders in the country, however, it doesn’t start there. Beginning with Northstar’s Terrain Based Learning program, first-time skiers and riders learn from the beginning to use terrain features to build proper technique. The Progressive parks offer a smooth transition from the first air to massive jumps in The Straits.

“Skiers and riders can look forward to getting the first jibs of the season at Boreal.”

Features that flow
Sugar Bowl is looking to redesign its terrain parks this year focusing on introducing a better-flowing park. Taking a nod from the surf and skate scene, Sugar Bowl’s parks will use natural terrain to build features that flow with the mountain and keep riders moving. Rather than building separate areas with small, medium and large features that focus on going big, Sugar Bowl will incorporate a more playful approach with features of all sizes and an emphasis on creative lines.

“The Progressive parks at northstar offer a smooth transition from the first air to massive jumps in The Straits.”

Urban-style on the West Shore
With a stunning backdrop of Lake Tahoe, Homewood’s terrain parks provide some of the best photo opportunities in the region. What the West Shore lacks in urban development, Homewood makes up for with its urban-style Foundation Bowl terrain park, which debuts this season. Built in an unused building foundation near Homewood’s mid-mountain Big Blue View Bar, the bowl will add unique character to the resort’s terrain park offerings.

“Riders can push their limits at Heavenly on a medium-sized jump line and signature snow features built by Snow Park Technologies.”

Courtesy Heavenly Mountain Resort

Resort-wide terrain features
Known for often having the earliest opening date, skiers and riders can look forward to getting the first jibs of the season at Boreal. A nearly resort-wide terrain park, Boreal features jumps and jibs for skiers and riders of all styles. Groms can get their start at the mini-shred park while the CORE park offers the next step for progression. Boreal teamed up with Neff clothing company to create Neff Land, a pirate-themed park with more than 30 custom features including a life-sized ship helm, cannons and more.

Shred indoors
Get those moves dialed before taking them to the snow. The Bunker at Woodward Tahoe features a launch pad that boosts skaters, bikers, skiers and riders into a 42-foot foam pit. Specially developed Parkskis and Parkboards allow snowsport athletes to shred the indoor ramps year-round. The foam pit provides a safe landing for practicing flips before sticking them on the mountain.

Courtesy Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows

Progressive flow
Squaw Valley has teamed up with Snow Park Technologies to create unique features for riders of all abilities. From the small features of Sno-Ventures to the large jump line in Gold Coast, each park creates a progressive flow. When conditions permit, Squaw Valley features one of the region’s few 22-feet Super Pipes and public skier and boarder cross courses.