Why the hell aren’t you skiing in Tahoe?

Red Dog at Squaw Valley taken Dec. 15, 2017. | Courtesy Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows

The skiing is “amazing,” is the sentiment shared by every local I’ve talked to that has hit the slopes in the past few weeks. So, I ponder, “Why in the hell aren’t you skiing in Tahoe?”

You’ve been misled. You’ve been watching the news in the Bay Area, in Sacramento, in parts West and you’re been told by weather people in a climate-controlled studio in an office building in a city looking at another office building outside that has no view of the Sierra Nevada that there’s no snow in Tahoe, so therefore no skiing. Things couldn’t be further from the truth.

We have plenty of snow in Tahoe for skiing.

Every downhill ski resort in the Tahoe Sierra is open. Yes, all of them. Got it?

Unless you see a TV reporter broadcasting from the slopes of a Tahoe ski resort, don’t listen to them.

Now, let me tell you what is happening from someone who looks across snow-capped mountains encircling Lake Tahoe from her office.

We’ve been to the mountains and “the skiing is amazing.” That’s a quote echoed by Tahoe Weekly staff members, and every Tahoe local that has hit the slopes since the lifts started turning before Thanksgiving.

We know what we’re talking about. We live here. We have actually stepped foot on a mountain slope.

Now, pack up the car, call in sick to work, take the kids out of school and hightail it up the mountain to enjoy some great early season conditions in Tahoe.

Check out Tahoe Weekly’s Downhill Ski Guide for the latest news from the ski areas, and have fun.

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