Tales of Webber Lake Ranch released

Doug Garton, the first caretaker to live year-round at historic Webber Lake Ranch, 15 miles north of Truckee, has released “Nine Miles In,” an adventure memoir recounting tales from his 25 years of living at Webber Lake.

Garton and his first and second wife endured fierce, isolating, yet stunningly beautiful winters. The property contains numerous historic buildings and sites, the most notable being the 1860s Webber Lake Hotel, an original stage stop and resort on famed Henness Pass Road.

This self-made man narrates nail-biting life and death rescues, close calls and adventures in radical self-reliance in the wilds of the Sierra Nevada where supplies and help were a day’s travel away and winter access was by snowmobile or snowcat only. To obtain a copy, e-mail prunepicker@zetabroadband.com.