Mt. Rose no longer for sale | Ski resort to remain family owned

Fritz Buser announced on Dec. 5 that he has transferred the majority interest in Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe to his children and grandchildren to ensure that the resort remains family owned.

Fritz became the company’s majority shareholder in 1971 and has controlled the growth and direction of Mt. Rose ever since, including the merger with Slide Mountain in 1987.

His son, Kurt, has been Executive President of the company for the last 20 years and in this position will continue to shape the promising future of the resort.

The new owners put great emphasis on continuity with the current management team and a passionate loyal crew led by Paul Senft, general manager since 1992.

There is a pipeline of projects that the new owners are examining to guarantee a constant improvement of quality skiing and riding at Mt. Rose. The popular resort caters to Reno locals, as well as visitors to Lake Tahoe from both the Northern California drive market, and destination guests arriving from the Reno-Tahoe International Airport only 25 minutes away.

The news comes at Mt. Rose continues to invest in mountain improvements at the ski area investing more than $2 million this year in capital improvements. Read more about the improvements for the 2017-18 season in Tahoe Weekly’s Downhill Ski Guide.

Mt. Rose has achieved record seasons in the last two years, specifically due to the key competitive advantage of having the highest base elevation in Lake Tahoe, ensuring the best snow conditions even during the warmest of storms. |