Oct. 12 to 25, 2017 | Fall Music & Festivals

It’s been a beautiful fall in the Tahoe Sierra with the changing colors of the trees and fauna preparing for their winter slumber. Fiery reds and brilliant oranges and yellows are putting on a spectacular display this season and we’re still enjoying the brilliance well into October. But, it never lasts long, so explore now while you can. You can find some of our favorite spots for hiking, mountain biking and paddling for fall color under Out & About at TheTahoeWeekly.com.

October also brings our fall edition of Tahoe Music & Festivals, which features the best festivals in the Tahoe Sierra and beyond – music, arts, culture, theater, dance, the outdoors, ski and adventure films, Halloween balls and fun kids’ events through early December.

You’ll want to hang on to this edition to plan all your fall outings, download the free digital version anytime at issuu.com/TheTahoeWeekly or download the free issuu app on any device.