Bijou Bike Park benefits from SNC student

Imagine a beautiful local park and there in the middle is a ramshackle structure. The building serves a purpose but is outdated and needs an overhaul. Enter Weston Park, a senior at Sierra Nevada College.

Park is majoring in sustainability and one of the things Park needs to do to graduate is complete a senior project for his interdisciplinary studies.

“I see business as a force for good. It’s way to give back to the community. I believe business; especially small business is the best way to change the world.”
–Weston Park

“There had to be a service learning component with room for creativity that gives back,” explains Park. “Sustainability is a broad topic it includes environmental science, social justice and an economic side. I love the outdoors and mother nature.”

For his senior project, West decided he wanted to improve the bike park at Bijou Community Park in South Lake Tahoe. His project is building a shed that will serve as a concession/storage area for the bike park.

“The BMX bike park and pump track is all run by volunteers. They spend a lot of the day maintaining the park and packing the dirt,” Park says. “The 10 by 20 shed will include shelves, serve as an event space for ticket sales and concessions, as well as a hangout for volunteers and place for the kids of South Lake,” he explains. “It’s also a place to put gear and take a lunch break,” he adds.

With a minor in entrepreneurship, West has already set his sights set on making high-end sheds for his business venture after he graduates. He’s been working with Healthy Home Consultants, a green building and sustainable design firm that build sustainable and ecological designs. The company has volunteered its time and is helping Park frame the shed.

Park designed the building and is clearly excited and passionate to give back to the community, and believes that small business can act as an agent for change.

“I see business as a force for good. It’s way to give back to the community. I believe business; especially small business is the best way to change the world. Capitalism isn’t going anywhere and it is important to educate our youth,” says Park.

Completion of the project is scheduled for the end of October. Many people will benefit from Park’s passion for building and designing, his love of the outdoors and biking, and his care and concern for his community.

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Priya Hutner
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