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When Adam Trent was a young child, he hungered to be a musician. When he was 9, he was given a magic book and everything changed. He began practicing magic tricks. He continued practicing magic and as he grew up he worked through high school and college performing magic shows. Trent worked as a street performer on the Santa Monica Pier and after that he worked on cruise ships. It was all he wanted to do.

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Then, Trent was given the opportunity to tour with The Illusionists. The show took him to Broadway where he performed for two years. He went solo for a bit, only to come back this year with The Illusionists and a new production.

Wed.-Sun. | Until Oct. 22 | $29.95-$49.95
Eldorado | Reno, Nev.

It’s a large-scale production that includes high-tech lights, LED walls, video and lots of music. Trent says he watches music concerts and shows for inspiration for his magic tricks. He’s come a long way from carrying his props around in a suitcase for his shows.

Adam Trent’s fun-loving, comedic nature makes this show absolutely enjoyable. His high energy and affable nature immediately draw you into his world.

I had the opportunity to attend his show during the first week of his world premiere at the Eldorado Resort Casino in Reno, Nev., where Trent is beginning an 80-city tour. His Reno show runs through Oct. 22.

His love of music is evident and an integral part of his show.

Adam Trent with Tahoe Weekly’s Anne Artoux and Priya Hutner.

“The songs we play during the show are feel-good songs. It is juxtaposed with someone young using older music. I think it gives the show a nice, interesting edge. I’ve been exploring old performers: Nat King Cole and Louie Armstrong. It’s the music I like listening to,” says Trent. “I add two or three new bits to each performance, which makes the show radically different.”

The LED wall is impressive as he jumps in and out of it. He makes cards disappear, items float across the stage and he swallows large objects as people gasp in wonder. Holographic images capture the attention of the audience. Trent’s fun-loving, comedic nature makes this show absolutely enjoyable. His high energy and affable nature immediately draw you into his world.

Audience engagement is a huge part of the show. A young child is brought up to the stage to participate and is given an evening to remember. Trent sits at the piano and plays a tune. He puts an audience member’s smartphone in a blender with liquid and we watch the owner wonder what will happen as the sound of the blender whirls throughout the theater. Trent brings out a melon, cuts it in half and reveals the phone intact. Trent magically appears in the audience in a seat a few rows away when seconds earlier we were watching him on stage.

“I choose people out of the audience depending on what the act feels like it needs, maybe a lady for a playful feel or a guy for certain acts. I know what each bit needs,” he says.

After thousands of shows, Trent has a knack for choosing people and an intuition of how certain people in the audience will respond.

“[My style] is modern and fun magic. I don’t take myself too seriously. I think of my show as laid-back and not-so-intense magic,” he says.

For him, it’s all about people coming to his show and having a good time.

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