Rapid Recovery Hydration | Healing through vitamin IVs

Founder and co-owner of Rapid Recovery Hydration Solutions, Debbie Fajans is passionate about helping clients feel better with nutrients and vitamins that feed and nourish the body. Fajans, a nurse anesthetist, along with co-owner and medical director Ephraim Dickinson, M.D., offer intravenous cocktails with vitamins that target specific needs for clients.

People receive hydration treatment at an event. | Priya Hutner

Many their clients are athletes in training who get treatments leading up to a sporting event. Fajans and Dickinson’s booth can be found at numerous athletic events in Tahoe including the Spartan Race on Sept. 30 and Tough Mudder, where athletes receive an intravenous cocktail to enhance his or her energy, balance hydration, decrease cramping and support in both pre-event condition and post-event recovery.

Fajans met with me while still in the throes of her busy festival season, which included booths at Bottle Rock, Guitarfish Festival, the Symbiosis Oregon Eclipse Festival and The Great Decompression in Reno, Nev., after Burning Man. She was leaving for the Kaaboo Festival where she’d be taking care of artists in the VIP booth and hosting a booth for festival participants. Each booth is staffed with nurse practitioners, nurses and medical doctors.

“I love helping people feel better. The cocktails can help with anxiety, stress, inflammation and chronic fatigue.”
–Debbie Fajans

The company offers cocktails with names such as Festival Fatigue Fighter, the Afterparty Antidote and Altitude Adjustment. These treatments support people who are camping in the hot environments and become dehydrated. The Afterparty Antidote cocktail includes anti-nausea, anti-inflammatory and stomach soothers along with vitamins and minerals such as B-12, B Complex, vitamin C and fluids to help people who overindulge feel better quickly.

Debbie Fajans, a nurse anesthetist, of Rapid Recovery Hydration Solutions. | Priya Hutner

“This is a trending thing. Festivals want you to have an optimum experience and we can help people safely accelerate the recovery so they ultimately have a better experience,” Fajans says.

They also offer a selection of cocktails for wellness including the Migraine Minimizer cocktail and a Cold/Flu-Buster cocktail.

“I love helping people feel better. The cocktails can help with anxiety, stress, inflammation and chronic fatigue,” says Fajans.

I was curious and wanted to experience a treatment. Fajans hooked me up to an IV of Meyer’s Cocktail, a multipurpose cocktail used to help the immune system, treat and improve symptoms from allergies, asthma, fibromyalgia, general fatigue and many other health problems. The cocktail contains vitamin B-12, B Complex, vitamin C, calcium and magnesium and fluids.

“It takes anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes for the drip,” she says.

Priya Hutner receives a treatment.

Fajans inserted the needle flawlessly. I barely felt it go into my vein. I watched as the yellow fluid began to flow into my arm and within minutes started feeling more relaxed. I could taste a slight vitamin flavor in my mouth and my body temperature cooled down. After about 30 minutes, Fajans unhooked me. I felt a bit heady, which she attributed to the magnesium, and a bit sleepy in a relaxed way. I enjoyed a fantastic night of rest.

Fajans explained that the cocktails are as much preventative as a remedy for illness or after-effects of certain maladies and the benefits can be felt for several days. For more information, visit rapidrecoveryhydration.com.


Priya Hutner

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